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A Children's Dentist in Chandler Overviews Sealants

Sealants Help in the Prevention of Early Tooth Decay

We, at Kids First Pediatric Dentistry, are a children’s dentist in Chandler that encourages the use of sealants. Approved by the American Dental Association in 1976, sealants are very helpful in preventing early tooth decay.


What the Research Reveals

In fact, research demonstrates that molars that are sealed retain approximately 70% of their chewing surface after 15 years. So, using a sealant is definitely a good investment. Teeth that are not sealed only show about 16% of their occlusal surface after the same amount of time.


Teeth and Gum Specialists

As a children’s dentist in Chandler, we offer area patients the maximum protection in decay prevention and dental restorative surfaces. Not only do we educate kids and parents about good dental practices at home, we take every measure we can to make sure the teeth and gums are free of decay and infection.


How a Sealant is Applied

In order to place a sealant, the dentist first must ensure that the teeth are clean. He then etches the surface crevices with a specialized acid. This acid is used to prepare the teeth for the sealant. The resin forms a tight bond that safeguards the teeth from decay.


Besides Sealants, Be Proactive in Your Child’s Dental Care

Not only is a sealant and important preventative measure. So, is the parent’s involvement in his child’s oral health. Make sure your child brushes by including him in the activity when you brush your own teeth. That way, both of you will improve your dental health and you will be serving as a role model as well.


Don’t Delay - Give Us a Call Today to Schedule an Appointment

We, at Kids First Pediatric Dentistry, offer all the necessary resources for optimum care of the teeth. Call us at (480) 802-2200 at our Chandler, Arizona office today to schedule an appointment for a consultation.


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