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A Pediatric Dentist in Chandler Reviews the Importance of Prevention

Avoid Future Dental Problems – Begin Routine Care Early

As a pediatric dentist in Chandler, our practice works at emphasizing the importance of prevention to parents. Therefore, we strongly emphasize that parents start routine dental care after their child turns one year of age. By beginning checkups early, parents can avoid a number of dental issues from surfacing in the future, such as crooked teeth, misalignment or difficulties with chewing and speech.


Interactive Dental Care

Therefore, as a pediatric dentist in Chandler, we, at Kids First Pediatric Dentistry, emphasize preventative care in the form of fluoride treatments, sealants and regular checkups. We advise that fluoride be included in dental care as soon as six months old and that children be shown proper brushing and flossing techniques in their early development.


Very young children can have difficulty navigating pieces of floss. So, we educate parents on how to assist their children when they use floss or brush their teeth. We want to make learning about oral health both interactive and fun.


We are Committed to Prevention and Correction

Because we specialize in the field of pediatric dentistry, we are committed to providing the measures and safeguards needed to avoid or reverse the risk of tooth decay and infection.


That is why the dental provider and parent must work together to make sure a child’s teeth and overall oral health are supervised and monitored. Basic procedures include regular bi-yearly exams along with cleanings (prophylaxis), sealants, fluoride treatments and bitewing, full-mouth and periapical x-rays. Space maintainers may also be included in the aforementioned listing.


Therefore, we, at Kids First Pediatric Dentistry invite parents in Chandler and the surrounding area to call our Chandler, AZ office to schedule a consultation. We can be reached at (480) 802-2200. Contact us now to set up an appointment.


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