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A Kids Dentist in Chandler Emphasizes Early Professional Care

Get a Head Start on Professional Dental Care

Because we are a kids dentist in Chandler, we can’t help but emphasize the need for early professional dental care. We even suggest that parents schedule their child’s first appointment as soon as he or she turns one year old. We don’t feel that it is ever too early to get a head start on dental care.


Occlusal X-rays

One of the main diagnostic tools that we use in our practice is the dental x-ray. For example, an occlusal x-ray helps us determine the development of the upper and lower front teeth. Taken when a child is around 3 years old, the image permits us to review the formation of a child’s permanent teeth beneath their baby teeth. Usually these kinds of images only have to be taken once.


Bitewing X-rays are Used to Detect Caries

Bitewing x-rays are generally taken every six months for detecting cavities. The x-rays are usually included in a child’s professional care when he is 3 or 4 years of age. They are used to help the dentist locate any caries that have developed between the teeth.


Prevent Cavities and Reduce Dental Risks

X-raying the teeth is a very important part of early professional care. Therefore, as a kids dentist in Chandler, our practice highly recommends that children receive x-rays, fluoride treatments and sealants for the prevention of cavities and to reduce the risk of infection or misalignment.


Children can develop cavities before their second birthday. So, make sure you schedule an appointment before that time. There is no time like the present, even if your child has not quite reached his second birthday or will not need x-rays for a year or a year and a half.


Contact Us for an Appointment Today

Set an appointment today at (480) 802-2200 to schedule a consultation at our Chandler, AZ facility. Begin your child’s care now to prevent bigger problems down the road.


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