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A Chandler Pediatric Dentist Explains Why Baby Teeth Need Care

A Specialist in Children’s Dental Care

Because a pediatric dentist possesses two more years of postdoctorial training, he is well-versed in caring for the baby teeth. Therefore, as a Chandler pediatric dentist, we are committed to caring for patients from the time they are an infant until they are in their teens.


Why the Baby Teeth are Important

The baby teeth, which are also called primary teeth, serve several purposes during the formative years. The teeth are used when children learn to speak and are needed for proper eating and chewing. The teeth also provide the space that is required for the eruption of the permanent teeth. In addition, the primary teeth are needed to ensure the correct development of the muscles and bones in the jaw.


Dental Hygiene for Infants and Toddlers

That’s why we, here, at Kids First Pediatric Dentistry, emphasize dental hygiene for infants and toddlers. From an early age, children should become accustomed to using a small dab of a fluoride toothpaste and a small toothbrush. Encourage the activity by participating in teeth-brushing with your child. When he sees his parent brushing their teeth, he will want to participate as well.


The Appearance of Permanent Teeth

Permanent teeth begin to make an appearance when a child is about six years old. The first teeth that appear are the lower front teeth and the molars. All the permanent teeth, except for the wisdom teeth, usually have erupted by the time a child turns 14. To prevent orthodontic issues and to ensure that the teeth come in as they should, dental care is imperative in the early years.


Give Us a Call to Set Up an Appointment Today

So, if you live in Chandler, Arizona or the surrounding area and are looking for a Chandler pediatric dentist, we invite you to contact us here at Kids First Pediatric Dentistry. Our Chandler, AZ number is (480) 802-2200.


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